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A Conversation with Joanna Scott

  • Classroom 2 Penn Museum 3260 South Street Philadelphia, PA, 19104 United States (map)

Armand De Potter was a self-made man: an immigrant who became a lecturer, tour operator, and antiquities dealer. But some regarded him as a charlatan, and many of the objects he exhibited at the Penn Museum (1898-1908) turned out to be forgeries. When he disappeared off the coast of Greece in 1905, his family was left with a trunkful of trinkets, a mountain of debts, and an unsolved mystery. In her most recent book, acclaimed novelist Joanna Scott attempts to reconstruct the final days of her great-grandfather, the notorious Armand De Potter.

Join Joanna Scott, who will read from her book and discuss the life of De Potter, the Penn Museum, and the early days of collecting with Penn professors Kaja Silverman and Robert Ousterhout.